Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skip Tweets: Quick Hitters

I love that Skip respects Eli for having an opinion that is completely and utterly wrong. It's fitting.


Yeah. And I'm sure the fact that he was playing in a PRO-AM SUMMER LEAGUE had nothing to do with it. How could that have any effect on how Kobe played? I sure can't think of anything.

It's the Hall of Superstars, people, not the Hall of Fame. Get it right! If any old piece of shit baseball player with 600 home runs can just waltz right into the Hall of Fame, then practically everyone can get into the Hall of Fame. 

You know what? Let's just run every single Hall of Fame candidate by Skip Bayless and let him decide who should be in. We'll call it the Hall of Skip Bayless. Then, on the grand opening of the Hall, we'll lock Skip Bayless inside with every person who actually cares enough about what Skip Bayless thinks to actually go there and never have to hear from them again. The economy will improve and the world will become a better place too. Wouldn't that be grand?

I hate you.